Monday, May 13, 2019

Film Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 1

Film - Essay ExampleThis was because they aimed at putting across to many people about their philosophy, as they worked on a minimal budget.For this reason, they utilise techniques like jump cuts. These are strident edited cuts, which occur unexpectedly. It was make by changing the move of the camera to less than thirty degrees, and it had a disturbing effect on the viewer (Greene 45). This was for saving be but non to rush the movie. Another technique is the improvised film making. This is whereby snarling was usually done in public places, constructed plots on the go and dialogues were constructed. This captured a spontaneity and vibrancy, which no other film could match. in that respect was also the use of natural sound, whereby, the New Wave did not remix their sounds. A natural sound, recorded during the shoot was used instead. Eventhough, it had intrusions and mistakes, it was still used. This gave the films a sense of energy and freshness. It also uses hand held devices that are scant(p) to maneuver with. This enabled them to take long shots and flow the camera, they could also shoot in tight areas that gave an illusion of heftiness and intimacy. The term auteur was coined to mean that a movie of a particular writer, director or author was not similar to any other movies. Therefore, the New wave directors strived to make unique movies. They also placed loyalty to films that were before their work. This is evident in movie genres like Jerry Lewis comedies and crime movies (Greene 84).In conclusion, these techniques have been widely choose by film makers, and have proved to be beneficial to them and to the audience. However, the question to be answered is whether the techniques used in the French new wave are still relevant

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