Sunday, May 19, 2019

Arabic Language in Learning Sahria and Islamic Law Essay

Language is very classical in our daily life. It serves as the way in communicating and dealing with other people. There are many language used by different people in different places. In electron orbit of teaching, language is the most important factor to be librateed. Arabic language was known to be the gage most used language in the world second to Chinese.A good knowledge of Arabic language will greatly enhance ones ability to work and interact effectively with Arabic-speaking people and that, the diligent line of business of Arabic can lead to exciting careers in various handle in that particular vicinity. In addition, Arabic is the language of Islam and to properly understand Islam, that is why Arabic should be learn and taught for every Muslims (Tamano 1996).In teaching shariah law or Islamic justness, Arabic Language should be highly encouraged as the fundamental medium used in the classroom. However, in the vitrine of index Faisal Center most of the students taki ng up sharia law courses have only miniature background in Arabic field particularly Arabic language. As a result the teachers preferred to use local anesthetic language just to make the student understand the discussions of Sharia.Sharia Law or Islamic Law derives its legal rules to Quran and Hadith. The primary sources of Islamic law are the Quran and Hadith which is written in Arabic language. In order to understand the Quran and Hadith you should be knowledgeable in Arabic language.For Muslims, the Quran is the literal word of God received verbatim by the Prophet Muhammad in his native Arabic tongue, who passed it on his followers. Quran is the foundation of Islam and the primary source of guidance for Muslims in all aspect of life, whether spiritual, legal, moral, political, economic or social (Saeed 2006). Quran is the primary source of Islamic Law and it originally written in Arabic text. Sharia derives its law based on the Quran. That is why the students and teachers should give an importance in teaching and learning Arabic Language in order to help the students specially Sharia students in order for them to understand the Sharia clearly and to help them in their future job as a Sharia practitioner.In the case of KFCIAAS in Islamic Studies Department, they preferred to use English language in most of their Sharia courses. KFCIAAS should consider that Arabic language is the foundation of Islam and we should give importance for improving and enhancing their methods of teaching Arabic language.The focus of this study is to gather information on the importance of Arabic language in teaching Sharia in King Faisal Center for Islamic Arabic and Asian Studies and try to strengthen and improve the teaching of Arabic language in King Faisal Center.

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