Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Excessive Dependence on Homework in American Schools Essays -- Teachin

Excessive Dependence on Homework in American SchoolsI didnt feel stressed until I was in my 30s. It hurts my feelings that my daughter feels that way at eleven (Ratnesar 313). This statement describes the intense issue facing the American upbringing System today. More and more students are spending a lot of out of school time on enormous amounts of training. The overabundance of homework is move pressure on the students, along with their parents. Our nation has steadily focused on after school studying to the point of possible exhaustion. In this paper, I go out attempt to explain how educators are relying on homework as the major form of education, and how the amounts are in any case demanding on the students. The emphasis on homework has easily escalated since the launch of Sputnik in the 1950s (Ratnesar 313). Sputnik was a Russian satellite sent into outer space in 1957. The Russians, not Americans, were the first nation to send a satellite into orbit. This caused a nationwi de frenzy. Law-makers were inclined to focus on math and science because of the threat of soviet soviet wiz kids (Ratnesar 313). As the 1970s approached homework declined once again, but soon we emphasized it to its highest level of importance. According to research done by the University of Michigan, elementary school students in 1981 spent cardinal minutes a week on homework. Sixteen years later 9-12 year olds had an increase of almost two more hours a week (Ratnesar 313). A 1983 government report, A Nation at Risk, caught the attention of the American Education System. The article explained the failings of the American school. It explained how education is declining, and teachers need to get tough on their students again. This prompted... ...ould be a sufficient amount, increasing 10 minutes each year, beginning in the first grade (Cooper 317). After studying the issue of homework, and the teachers influence upon it, Ive come to realize homework may be overused in todays educat ional system. I feel teachers are depending too much on outside education and not enough on in-class learning. Also, I believe the United States Government needs to develop a homework standard. Educators in general need to come together and encourage students to learn in the classroom, and spend less time out of school doing unnumerable hours of busy work. Teachers must look at the best interests of the students and base learning on communication in the classroom. Works CitedConsidine, Jeana The Homework ingest My FamilyCooper, Harris The Homework Ate My FamilyRatnesar, Romesh The Homework Ate My Family

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