Monday, October 7, 2019

The Effects of Class Size on Academic Achievement Essay

The Effects of Class Size on Academic Achievement - Essay Example According to the study the number of teachers employed would also increase necessitating more income, hence reducing teacher-to-student ratio. Dynarsky, Hyman, & Schanzenbach, states that reduction in the class size increases the rate of class attendance by the students. The higher the number of students that attend classes, the higher the academic achievement since many students would eventually graduate and move to the next level. This increment in academic achievement was more significant in some courses that experience high dropouts such as engineering, mathematics, technology, economics, and business studies. From this study it is clear that smaller class size ensures better and closer relationship between the students and the teachers. This close relationship ensures proper understanding of the syllabus for the students, hence better academic achievement, and it also increases students’ understanding in the studies. Small class size has more influence on the academic achievement of young children who may not be able to learn on their own and constantly require teachers’ guidance. Teachers also finds it much easier to understand better and to recognize their students’ strength and weakness and work towards improving their academic achievement. Moreover, large class size, especially in high school has an advantage in being lively owing to there being diverse characters full of fun, high energy, and always exciting. The class is never boring and seems to be a motivation with many students willing to participate. It eventually encourages both teachers and students always to attend classes and hence reducing absenteeism

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