Tuesday, October 22, 2019

APUSH DBQ essays

APUSH DBQ essays The early development of the Chesapeake and New England regions were made up like a jigsaw puzzle. Though they both had the same number of pieces they were made up of pieces of different shapes. Regardless of their separate pieces they both came together to make up a whole. Something that wasnt similar was the overall make up of the two regions. When you add strong components to a region, you get a strong region. The difference of these colonies was the fact that one was settled by families and the other by single men. During the year of 1635, the list of immigrants was put out. This told about the people that were going to be arriving in the colonies by ship. The ship for New England was to set sail in March. An obvious key of the list was that most if not all people were all families. If they werent family they were servants of a family. This showed that there should be more unity among the region. The number of families helped ensure that this region would have more of a family feel than just a lot of people thrown into an unfamiliar place. Leadership was going to be a key factor for the New England region. Although there were young kids aboard, they had many adults to learn from. It is always a good thing to be able to look up to someone older for guidance. Chesapeake on the other hand was going to be settled by many single men. Most of them were around a young age of 20 or so. The number of single men was already looking to be a problem for the future colony. Most of the men werent to m ature and would have trouble stepping up and acting like real men. They were sort of like a wild fraternity at a college. They wanted to act wild and immature as frat boys do. Chesapeake didnt seem that it would have as much leadership as New England. There was probably that one older man that would try to put his foot down and set an example but he probably would have a little trouble in doing so. (D ...

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