Saturday, June 1, 2019

Julius Caesar :: essays research papers

The title of this play is Julius Caesar. This play was written by William Shakespeare in the past. The play involves many different characters, events, and emotional feelings. shit Antony is a skillful orator because he has experience, knows how to sway the mob, and knows how to keep them on his side and how to persuade them.Antony is a very skillful orator. Throughout the speeches that were given by Antony, he proved this statement. He used denary methods to achieve the feelings of the crowd. For example, he would say a line or two and then cry and violate talking. Durg this time, he would listen to the crowds emotions and go from there. Antony would rile up the crowd, making them enraged, holding them back, then making them even more furious once again. He would continue this until he thought they were angry enouto do what he pleases.Antony points out in his speech dictating that he is loyal to Caesar as potentate and as a friend. Following the killing of Caesar, Antony quickl y grasps that he must deal with Brutus, and he has the shrewdness to take advantage of Brutuss naivet. Hrepeats many lines over and over again being sarcastic.Antony also uses half-truths and outright falsehoods to sway the mob to do what he wants. Antony repeats the line but they were honorable men multiple times referring to all of the conspirators. This, of course, was Antonys sarcastic side.Another special technique Antony uses to sway the mob is by holding Caesars testament. He would say that hes not sure if he should read it, which then stirred up the mob making them anxious, while Antony was getting the mob onto his side. Eventually, thwill was read and the mob was emotionally riled up.Also, Antony had Caesars body brought out and sat down. He told the mob to gather in a circle somewhat him and Caesars body.

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