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Joan of Arc Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

Joan of Arc - Essay ExampleThis clearly shows that she was set up and convicted of the offence of heresy (Halsall, 2013).The trial shows that Joan was merely set up by the religious leaders who were merely after political power who organized how she could be sentenced on trumped-up charges. The bishop had also make sure that he chose colorful and timid assessors who misquoted the defense of Joan with the sole aim of finding her guilty (Halsall, n.d).. This also included the falsification of evidence and the threatening of the assessors, which just led to her conviction in spite of her pleas to be tried by an unbiased tribunal headed by the pope. After being found guilty, the court further prepared for her execution through impatient at the market place. Joan therefore died a martyr as recorded on May 30 by Maugier Leparmentier who writes... And in the fire she cried more than sestet times Jesus,. The usher Jean Massieu also weighed in that Joan had died to proclaim and confess al oud the holy name of Jesus. This clearly shows the conviction that Joan had in some(prenominal) she had carried out as that bordering on martyrdom. Therefore, it can be seen from the trial that it was carried out through intimidation and putting her under duress in order to roam allegiance to the church as it was then constituted.It is also important to note that the trial of Joan of Arc was mainly inspired by the interests of the slope to claim that the enthronization of Charles as king had been under the guidance of the devil and so they convicted her of witchcraft. This development in the trial process was also informed by the desire of the position troops to demoralize the French troops who had made some victories in some wars while at the same time curtail the dwindling fortunes of the English troops (Halsall, 2013).These were confirmed by the confirmation of Joan as a saint as an inquiry ordered by the Pope found that the sentence made by Cauchon

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