Thursday, June 13, 2019

Getting a Degree in the Business Administration Personal Statement

Getting a Degree in the Business Administration - Personal Statement ExampleA person has to flow hard and dedicate her/himself towards the program.When I look at my self, I see that I am a hard working person and also pose an attitude towards pay. In fact, I have been towards accounting, finance, and administration since the beginning. I completed my bachelors in Accounting in 1998, and masters in Public Administration in 2002.With regard to my working capabilities and experience, currently, I am disabled and physically unable to work full time due to my illness. Before my illness, I was a mid-level political financial and budget senior program manager.Although I am not able to work full time at the moment, I still provide at Orange County Governments Neighborhood Centers for Families. These centers provide social services to lower income areas. I work in the organization as a volunteer by helping families establish family budgets.With regard to my future plan, I would like to r eturn back to work as a full-time systematic employee within a couple of years. In the future, I would like to utilize the competencies and expertise I learned in the business classes, especially in finance and organizational behavior to make the most of the growing relationship between the government and the non-profitable private organizations.After completing my degree, I would like to work as a part-time Adjunct Professor at a local university or college. As a part-time professor, I believe that I support focus on my true desire for teaching and research in a selected area in the field of finance.Doing research in minority finance is one of my dreams. I want to do research in this as I see that there is an ongoing belief in the African-American universe that funding for African-American run non-profit companies and it cannot be found especially for upstart companies.

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