Saturday, September 28, 2019

The Benefits and the Drawbacks of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Research Paper

The Benefits and the Drawbacks of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Telephony - Research Paper Example In simple terms, VoIP can be considered to have similar function like that of telephone but this process has many extended features. The project will broadly analyze the importance of this technology and all those areas where it can be widely implemented and applied. The study will also comprise of the scope of development of this particular technology and the extent to which this technology can be made popular and relied upon. Furthermore, all those broad measures will also be highlighted that can be implemented for making widespread application of the technology. Beside the importance, the problems that will be faced while identifying the measures along with the drawbacks associated with this technology will also be listed and discussed upon. The study will also encompass the various issues related with the security and privacy concern associated with the use of VoIP. Additionally, it will also highlight the other essential features of VoIP reflecting its efficiency in terms of cos t of the technology, accuracy, quality, and timely delivery of services among other factors. THESIS STATEMENT The main aim of the study would be to analyze all those broad factors that can prove to provide opportunities of growth for Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) technology. ... VIEW Identifying the Network System Used In the VoIP Telephony According to Hiwasaki, Ohmuro, Mori, Kurihara and Kataoka (2006), a very high tech networking process is followed in the process of VoIP. The networking system allows uninterrupted communication process both in audio and video modes. The network codifies the signals in such a way that all round clarity is maintained in the overall communication process (Hiwasaki, Ohmuro, Mori, Kurihara and Kataoka 1-7). Defining the Importance of VoIP Telephony for the Business World As per Garrie and Wong (2007), there are various factors that can be considered for determining the importance of VoIP telephony for the business world. Accordingly, if the voice that transmits through the networks is regulated properly over the internet protocols then it would be able to create a positive impact in the overall voice process. Furthermore, if the voice is processed and transmitted from one channel to another in a more precise form then it woul d provide great benefits and this efficiency can also be utilized in a business and can prove to derive much better results. It can be strongly admitted that applicability of VoIP telephony is widely gaining popularity in the business segment as an effective modes of communication. It has been ascertained that VoIP telephony offers quick dissemination audio-visual messages relatively at lower costs and at higher speed (Garrie and Wong 550-574). Evaluating the Benefits of VoIP Telephony in the Global Communication Kerner (2005) suggested that the use of VoIP is becoming widespread and is continuously being utilized in the overall market. It has been argued that the application of VoIP can be made even more efficient if more stress is laid upon providing end to end results. It has been

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