Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Meaning of Globilazation Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Meaning of Globilazation - Research Paper Example who are engaged in artistic media have pointed out that YouTube plays an important role in popularizing pop-culture and music to a broader scale globally. In accordance to the current culture, gaining popularity around social culture is an important step in life that almost everybody in the world is currently aspiring to achieve. Contrastingly, YouTube has developed legal policies that govern sharing of immoral images globally while also ensuring enough protection concerning potential copyrights infringements. Some of the global impacts of YouTube include: Despite the fact that YouTube was initiated in the United States, it has gained recognition across different cultures globally. Some countries such as china do not allow their citizens to stream or download video files from YouTube platform. Having been designed as a free interactive platform, YouTube embraces accessibility of over 70 million clients and new entrants across the globe. Moreover, YouTube acts as a center of interactive culture thus leading to the creation of one independent culture known as social culture that allows sharing of idioms and norms of varied societies as a single society. In conclusion, YouTube can be used to share world remorseful events such as an enactment of peace to offer tribute to those died while fighting for the benefit of the society (Gorman & McLean, 2009) Burgess et al. (2009), argues that through internet infrastructure and video sharing platforms, YouTube has enabled societies of different cultural backgrounds to share ideas across a bigger coverage of an audience. Such sites are not only meant to share musical files, but they also act as appropriate social grounds for business personalities to promote their wares while politicians and medical personnel’s globally also a similar platform to post speeches of vital concern. Most of all, YouTube and other related sites have been used by personalities of different religions to address issues of faith globally. It can be

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