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She ran up the wooden staircase Essay Example for Free

She ran up the wooden staircase Essay It is an odd case this. Peterson had a motive I understand his mother was rich, perhaps he wanted his inheritance quickly so he could marry the girl as is good and proper. The girl has a motive Lady Peterson had a rather low opinion of her. I am rather inclined to think of Miss Smith she had opportunity, and motive. Is it a pure coincidence she came down on the same day as the lady was discovered dead? I somehow think not. It must be her that letter proves it! That is an odd occurrence. Of course, there is the possibility she forged it herself to gain sympathy, but I somehow I think not, he paused. I saw the familiar pipe slip out from underneath his cloak and into his mouth. However, supposing she did the deed, and the purpose was to marry Edward Peterson, staging a quarrel with said man seems rather pointless. It was two mornings later when I received an early morning phone call from Holmes that brought me out of my slumber. Hello? I said tentatively. Watson, we are going to visit Miss Smith, my friend said matter-of-factly, without introducing himself or apologising for waking me up what must have been five am, if not earlier. So it was that I found myself on the train to visit the woman I suspected of murder. I was sitting by the window, doing the crossword in The Times, all the while aware of Holmes watching me as a child watches the ants that scurry across the garden path. Tell me, Watson, what would you say if I told you who the murderer was, right here, right now? he asked, an amused expression on his face. You know? I cried. Then why are we visiting the young lady at this hour? No no, my dear Watson, I was merely speculating, Holmes finished, and neither of us said a word until the train reached the station that was to be our destination. Come Watson, my friend said in his usual brisk manner. We will get a horse and carriage from here to the ladys house. She is staying with a friend or so she says in her letter. A letter? I cried incredulously. She sent you a letter! Why hadnt he mentioned this before? The girl believes her life is in danger. She is frightened, understandably so. It is my job to help her, he stated matter-of-factly. Yes but- I stopped. The horse and carriage had arrived, and I followed Holmes clambering in to it. Of course, she may be mistaken, he continued, but it may prove a valuable clue. Rose Smith was staying in a small house with her friend, who was introduced to us as Helena. It was a pretty, country cottage, not the sort I would expect Miss Smith to be staying in. Im going for a walk, Helena announced shortly, as she picked up a raincoat and closed the door behind her. Good luck Rosie! So, Miss Smith, Holmes said, You wrote to me because you believe your life to be in danger. Why? Gosh, you do get to the point quickly, dont you? Miss Smith laughed nervously. Ill start from the beginning. I met Ed Mr Peterson, that is at a dance. He was there with a friend who happened to be a friend of a friend of a cousin of mine. So we were both at this party, and I must admit, it wasnt what lady Victoria would approve of. Shes dreadfully serious, you know! Very traditional. Oh shes a dear, but so interfering. Ed and I got talking and well, we fell in love. His mother threatened to disinherit him if we kept seeing each other, but then, quite out of the blue, she gives us another chance, and invites me to stay for a little while. He came to collect me from the station, and on the way back to the house, he proposed to me! Oh I was so happy, it was a dream comes true. But now it look like there wont be a wedding after all, she said, as she broke down in tears. I noticed on her forearm lay a large purple bruise as I reached my hand out to comfort her. Whats that? I asked suddenly. Oh nothing, she muttered. Let me tell you what happened when you received the letter from Edward Holmes began. So it was from him, she cried. Even as I wrote to you I hoped it was someone else. There are many names beginning with E Egbert, Emily, Ellie. Why him? I saw a sudden look come into Holmes eyes he knew whom the murderer was. I could tell by the excited glint the dark black pupils had taken on. One more thing, Miss Smith, Holmes said as he showed her the picture we had seen in the ladys room. Its Ed! she cried. Excellent! he said, as he left the room. Excellent. NOT FROM WATSONS NARRATIVE Tell me, Mr Peterson, did your mother spill her tea the day she died? Holmes asked. Why, yes, yes she did. And Rose gave her hers, I think. She doesnt like tea anyway. AFTERWARDS BY WATSON So how did you find out? I asked. I must admit, it had me fooled. Id never have guessed. Well, it was quite simple really Watson. The entire crime rotated around the stain. That one spill held the key to the entire murder. Once I knew who had spilt the cup, the whole mystery came together like a well-knitted scarf. But how? I know I must be terribly ignorant not to see, but how? You see, I know that Lady Peterson spilt the tea. Miss Smith then gave the Lady her mug, which she drank. Lady Peterson later died, and I think I can safely assume it was that mug that was poisoned. We therefore have two options. Either Miss Smith poisoned the tea or the tea was already poisoned when Miss Smith took it! You mean, Miss Smith was the intended victim! I do indeed, Holmes smiled. You see, one of the housemaids had entertained a liking for Edward Peterson for many years. She steals photos of him; she spends extra time tidying his quarters, and she is in fact, quite infatuated. So when Miss Smith appears, our admirer is jealous. Later, she hears her love proposing to this girl, and decides something must be done before her love marries this stranger. In the tea, she slips a strychnine tablet into one of the mugs. But then her plan fails. Instead of her hated rival taking the tea, her employer, the kindly woman who has the power to stop this marriage, dies. I sat in stunned silence for a few seconds, unable to speak. But why then, the flower, the letter? I asked. Our murderer has a somewhat romantic mind jealous women often do. She thinks miss smith is the perfect suspect. Miss smith, who happens to be named Rose. Hence the flower. A silly, girlish touch really. The clue does not point to Rose, but to someone who would be willing to spring the crime on her. Of course! I exclaimed. And the letter? Well that was simple, although I must admit I was nearly fooled. Who was the maid girl who served us our tea, Watson? Why, err, of course Ellie, I believe! Ellie Pierce, in fact! the genius pointed out. Our mystery EP! Brilliant, I really dont know how you do it, Holmes. Brilliant! Elementary, my dear Watson. Elementary! 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